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TreeFeathers Original Printies

I have uploaded most of these as high resolution files, to give you good quality graphics on your printies. They are scaled to print straight from the web at 1:12 (1") scale. You can easily convert them to other scales by using the Page Setup option in the File menu to scale down to 50% (for 1:24 scale) or 25% (for 1:48 scale) before printing.

Printies Links

  • Free Clip Art - Vintage Photos: Vintage photographs, mostly of children, from the personal collection of Denise Van Patten.
  • PRINTJES - KERSTMIS: A huge assortment of Christmas printies by Louise Enijboer - rugs & curtains, bags & boxes, calendars, furniture, ornaments and other holiday decor, nativity scenes, plates and table decor, holiday albums, and even printable clothing!
  • Jim's Printable Minis: This must be the most extensive source on the web for printables! You're sure to find what you're looking for.
  • 1:12 Scale Printables: A huge collection of vintage and humorous signs, antique maps, book covers (all eras), and mini scrapbooking printies.
  • Blohm Design Free Printables: Beautiful printable wallpapers and borders.
  • Cut-&-Paste Mini Printables: Books, wallpaper, travel accessories, holiday items, and more.
  • Dollhouse Miniature Printables: Folk art quilts, wallpaper, furniture & accessories.
  • Go Make Something: Huge archive of projects and printables by Lisa Vollrath, former dollhouse and miniatures writer for
  • Imprimables: A great French site with a huge variety of printies!
  • Jean Day Miniatures: Dresser sets, hats & hatboxes, toys, tiny buildings & much more!
  • Jennifers Free Dollhouse Printables: Over 200 printies of household products from different eras, toys and games, gift bags and boxes, wallpaper, and more.
  • Maps: A list of links to maps of places real and imaginary. Pretty cool!
  • Miniature Books: A variety of printable antique book covers, also provides interesting info about the books.
  • Les Minis de Pitou - Imprimables: French site with lots of printies, including boxes, wallpapers, school items, garden items, books and cassettes, music, sewing items, medieval items, and more.
  • Mini Printables: Sheet music.
  • Mini Tutes from Orr Lake: Blog featuring tutorials and links to other tutorials around the web.
  • My Dollhouse Page: Books, cards, puzzles, wrapping paper, boxes & bags, and more.
  • Minna's Doll World - Minnan nukkemaailma: Artwork and home decor (wallpaper, borders, tiles, rugs) and assorted bags and boxes.
  • Printie Sisters - EasyPrinties: Attractive printable pie safe, wooden cabinet, wooden tub, and child's teddy-bear drum.
  • Vintage Medical Printies: A ton of antique medicine labels and boxes, old photos, ads, signs, diplomas and other fun ephemera.

Other Resources for Printies

Lots of graphics can be adapted to miniature use to make your own accessories. Save the image you want to use to your hard drive, and then size it to your needs with a graphics program. Experiment with papers and fabrics to create custom rugs & linens, wallpaper, artwork, and more!

  • Oriental Rugs by Emmett Eiland: Hundreds of rug images that you can print out on paper or fabric. This link is posted with permission of the owners for you to print mini rugs for your personal use. Very generous of them, so if you're in the market for a real rug, be sure and visit them!
  • Beautiful Birds: Old fashioned prints
  • Antique Christmas Clip Art Collection: Beautiful images scanned from antique chromolithographs, free clip art.
  • The World's Largest Poster and Print Source.
  • Vintage fruit crate and cigar box labels, canned food labels, antique seed packets, vintage ads.
  • More vintage crate and advertising labels.
  • Atomic Pinup Retro Movie Posters: Lots of great cheesy movie posters from old sci fi and monster movies and "cheesecake" movies.
  • Station Bay - Tin Signs: Tin signs, classic thermometers, and art portraits featuring celebrities, various beverages, comics superheroes, antique farm tractors, automotive and many more.

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I am thrilled that so many people visit my DIY pages and find them useful! However, the large number of visitors has increased my costs considerably. These resources have always been FREE and I intend to keep them that way. You can help out by making even a small donation - every bit helps!

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